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Fiber To The Home Brings More Than Faster Internet


Having access to Internet is no longer considered a luxury in our lives. In today’s digital landscape, Internet facilitates family communication, social connections, and even business ventures. Employees are finding flexibility by telecommuting which is made possible by local investments in technology, such as installing robust fiber Internet infrastructure.

Fiber To The Home Brings More Than Faster Internet

Fiber Internet benefits Mid-MO residents

Homeowners are often looking for little improvements which will add more value to their home – whether it’s remodeling an outdated kitchen, installing a smart thermostat, or even upgrading the Internet connection to Fiber to the Home (FTTH).

We’ve reached a point where having access to quality, high-speed Internet can indeed add value to your home. A 2015 study published by FTTH Council Americas stated: “access to fiber increases a home’s value by up to 3.1% (or $5,437, for the average home) between 2011 and 20131.” What would this mean for your home here in Central Missouri? That increase would be similar to the value of installing a fireplace or adding a half-bathroom to your home!

Fiber Internet is an investment in our future

Fiber Internet can also bring more value to our local community by attracting new businesses to the area, and help current businesses become more productive.

Moberly has been a prime location for transportation and warehousing companies for some time, including MFA Oil Company, Orscheln Farm & Home, and Walmart. As of April 2018, the Northeast Missouri Development Partnership (NMDP) is on a “mission to attract quality businesses to the region from around the world and to maintain foundational efforts to improve the region’s competitiveness.2” The area has already attracted several large companies this year alone – like Essig Research and Mac Rak – so with the inclusion of fiber Internet, more can be expected.

Located in Moberly’s Downtown Revitalization District, SaaS startup Noviqu has developed a software platform to provide “a variety of features to keep your facility running efficiently and smoothly” to support these booming logistics companies.

In fact, the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center projects the number of employment opportunities in software development increase 7.44% by 20193, making it the fourth largest growing occupation in the state, followed by Information Security Analysts, Computer and Information Research Scientists, and Statisticians, respectively. Big jobs require big data, and an Internet architecture to support growth.

“Fiber keeps moving into all endpoints—the home, the business, the data center, the small cell site—and it appears to be welcomed because of superior performance4.”
-Mike Render, CEO and Principal Analyst at RVA LLC Market Research and Consulting

By investing in gigabit fiber Internet as a community, we can invest in the future of our economy.

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