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Phynx Services

Phynx Internet
Phynx Internet
Phynx Internet
Includes unlimited local and long distance calling, voicemail & other calling features. Plus you get to keep your existing phone number!
A no frills phone line - perfect if you have a phone system that handles things like voice mail and call forwarding
A one time construction fee of $150 will be required for new services in this area. We will contact you with the provided phone number to make arrangements before we schedule your installation.
I understand that it is illegal to spoof or falsify caller ID for fraudulent purposes when using my assigned phone service. I further understand it is also illegal to make unsolicited telemarketing or illicit calls.

Phynx Services

Business less than 9 employees per shift
Phynx Internet
Unlimited local and long distance plus advanced features like voice mail, call forward, call hold and 3-way calling.

Phynx Services

Business more than 9 employees per shift
Phynx Internet
Includes more advanced features, like voice mail, call forward, call hold and 3-way calling.

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A drop construction fee of $150 is required to finalize your sign up process. How would you like to pay?