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Rural Missouri Internet Service Areas

Fiberhood Construction Process

If your fiberhood is in the “Completed Fiberood” list then congratulations! You are ready to get super fast fiber Internet! If your fiberhood is still in the construction phase you can monitor the construction progress here. You don’t have to wait to signup for service though – Simply complete our brief signup form and we’ll be ready to begin construction to get you connected!

A one time $150 rural drop construction fee will be charged at signup. Fee will be waived if you sign up for the 1000 Mbps speed package and maintain it for at least 36 months. NOTE: There is no construction fee in USDA grant fiberhoods (O1, O2, O3, O4 and O5), with the exception of a few non-grant qualifying locations that were made ineligible due to having speeds of over 25/3 Mbps.

Checking for addresses

  • Sign Up

    and choose your package

  • Construction

    which may take several months

  • Schedule Install

    and get ready for fiber

  • Fiberhood

Rural Missouri Fiberhood Map

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