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Phynx Fiber October construction update Check your address availability

3 New Fiberhoods Moved to Construction

We know you want fiber internet, and we want you to have it.

Phynx Fiber October construction update

Sharing the excitement of fiber internet

Your votes, quick sign-ups and social shares are helping us move fiberhoods from sign-up to service much faster. Thanks to you, residents can officially sign-up for fiber in Fiberhood A4!

Fiber internet availability in Mexico, MOPlus, we’re exstatic to announce three new fiberhoods are moving from the sign-up to construction phase… today! Fiberhoods C8, A8 and A5 will have access to gigabit internet before the end of this year!

If you haven’t already signed up, then check your address availablility so you can experience the fastest internet available to Mexico, MO.

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