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365 Days of Zero Downtime

Our 1 year anniversary of first install!!

Today marks the first anniversary of Phynx Fiber’s first install of fiber to the home. Over these past 365 days we have made our Internet service available to approximately 1,362 homes – none of which have experienced any downtime!

In comparison, Charter Spectrum experienced six widespread outages just in Mexico, MO last year alone. The company has a dedicated Service Outage page on their website so customers can lookup outages by state. (Although we expect if you have Charter, then you probably have this page bookmarked!)

How have we ensured zero downtime for our customers over the past year? We offer superior service, planning and technology to create our fiber optic network.

Phynx Fiber's central office in Mexico, MO has helped support 365 days of zero downtime for customers

A quick refresh on cable Internet

Cable Internet is transmitted over physical installations of copper coaxial television cable, which was originally designed for broadcasting, not for interactive communications. This form of network implementation leaves Internet data susceptible to outages, especially in the case down power lines and weather fluctuations. (In a state where temperature and precipitation types can swing to either extreme within a 24-hour period, weather is a critical factor in how it impacts your day-to-day Internet experience.)

The tech supporting your fiber Internet

Now, let’s talk fiber! Fiber optic cables are made of glass (not metal) so there is no electricity involved in the transmission of data, which helps to protect it against interference from nearby power lines or high voltage equipment. The glass structure can also withstand more severe temperature fluctuations compared to cable and be submerged in water without failure. These are just a few (of many) reasons why we are installing brand-new infrastructure, to ensure only the highest quality material is buried deep underground… and to withstand Missouri’s “exciting” weather patterns.

In addition to the quality of our materials, we also have high-quality systems in place to maintain your connection to the Internet and prevent downtime. Our central office in Mexico makes use of multiple, redundant connections to the Internet (also known as a “ring network”). And the entire office is connected to a large battery backup to protect the network from power outages.

Our team of engineers have designed our network hubs, or “fiber pedestals,” specifically for for interactive communication. The hubs within our fiberhoods help to shorten the length of each cable run of fiber to the home. This helps ensure successful data transmission making it more reliable and better guarded against potential signal loss.

The team supporting your fiber Internet

Just like receiving a hand drawn card on your birthday, we want our service to feel equally personal. Phynx Fiber’s team of technicians will work with customers individually to set expectations, educate them about their new Internet service and how our Wi-Fi operates (compared to the broadband they were used to). Our technicians come prepared to install a new router we provide – at no extra cost – in the best location within your home to ensure ample wireless coverage. (Bonus: these techs will also help you connect any devices you need help with during installation… even your printer!)

Plus, we want our communication to be just as accessible as your new fiber network, especially after hearing about your previous, frustrating experiences trying to communicate with other ISPs in the area:

[Dials customer service number] “Hello, it appears my home Internet is down and doesn’t come back after resetting the router.”

“Oh, your internet isn’t working? Please speak with this robot who will not be able to understand you, nor will it be able to fix the problem. Eventually we will get back on the line and just ask you to reset your router anyway.”

When you contact Phynx Fiber, one of our employees (all of whom live in the same state you do) will answer your phone call, reply to your message on Facebook, or schedule an appointment with you via text. We can still run diagnostics and make changes to your network remotely, without sending a service tech to your home, which means we can reboot the router for you on our platform without having to troubleshoot the issue for 5 minutes and ask you irrelevant questions in the process.

Your online privacy is important to us, too!

While the technology behind our infrastructure helps secure your Internet connection, it also reinforces how we protect your privacy. The main way we secure your data is in what we don’t do: we do not collect data from any of our customers, nor do we provide it to third parties for advertising purposes. Phynx Fiber only keeps the information we are required to by law, which is simply reconciling IP addresses to customer account numbers. (The only time we have been requested to provide personal data is if we receive a subpoena from law enforcement – which is extremely rare.)

Who wouldn’t want 24/7/365 access to gigabit Internet?

Uninterrupted, Phynx Fiber Internet service is available today in Mexico, and we’re working hard to begin digging in Moberly, MO as soon as our engineering plans have been finalized (which we expect to happen well before the end of this month!) You can check the status of your fiberhood from our homepage to see if-and-when fiber will be available at your address.

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