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Chocolates, Flowers and… Phynx Fiber Internet high speed network

Chocolates, Flowers and… Fiber Internet

Get Faster Internet for Valentine’s Day Streaming!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hopefully I’m not the first person to remind you. If I am, get your car keys. You’re going to need to fight for the last few bouquets, cards and gigantic heart-shaped boxes of chocolate. You’ve been warned.

Chocolates, Flowers and… Phynx Fiber Internet

If you are fully prepared for the Valentine’s Day extravaganza, good for you! Everything sure seems fine+- and dandy, doesn’t it? You’ve purchased the perfect present, you removed the Caesar dressing stain out of your fanciest outfit and you remembered to make a reservation this time… Unlike last year’s debacle where you had to bribe the hostess. Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

Before you wade too deep into lovey-dovey waters, think about this scenario: you get home after the date and want to watch a movie together. (Translation: Pick a random movie on Netflix while you chill.) You que it up. Romance is about to ensue. You’re about to make your move when you see it… The never-ending circle indicating your video is unable to play because it’s still buffering.

Now, on a normal day this is no problem. You simply play around on your phone or tablet or stare off into space until the internet becomes stable again. But this time, it’s different. This is VALENTINE’S DAY. This is love’s biggest day. Haven’t you ever seen a romantic comedy?

Allow me to play the Ghost of Christmas Future for a second. (Or the ghost of Valentine’s future, but it doesn’t have the same ring to it, does it?) After the Netflix buffering begins, you sit there in silence. There’s no movie playing in the background to make the date less awkward. Suddenly, your date begins looking around your apartment and thinking things like “this person has shag carpet in 2017?” or “did they really give me an air plant instead of roses?”

"Worst Valentine's date ever!"And it only gets worse from there. The date leaves, angry another Valentine’s Day has gone by without a Facebook post to show for it. They let their anger consume them as they begin texting friends about how the evening was cut short due to an awkwardly long delay in the movie download. Next thing you know your would-be future spouse has created a viral meme of your failed date. All because of your slow internet connection.

OK, scenario over.

You see, this is one of those times where there’s a lesson to be taught. It’s a cautionary tale. Like the one about the date ruined by really, really slow internet. . Oh wait, that’s the one I just told.

Needless to say, your internet connection probably needs an upgrade. Think of fiber internet as more of a Valentine’s gift to yourself. You work hard. You pay your bills. You deserve an uninterrupted 5-hour marathon of Gilmore Girls. In fact, there should be a law allowing paid 5-hour Netflix sessions!

The point is reliable internet can be extremely useful. Especially when you’re trying to watch cat videos on YouTube, while downloading music on your phone and playing Candy Crush on your tablet.

Phynx Fiber can help you, your love life and the world. Face it, everyone loves having reliable internet, and Valentine’s Day is a time to reflect on what you love. If you’re frustrated with your internet service in Mexico, MO and want to have a date next Valentine’s Day, consider upgrading to fiber internet as a holiday gift to yourself. Now, go have some fun on Valentine’s Day and, remember, there will be tons of discounted candy tomorrow.

We’re rolling out our high speed network based on demand, so let us know your neighborhood wants fiber internet!

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