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Exactly How Many Devices Can Fiber Internet Support?

1 Gigabyte per Second High Speed Fiber Internet.

Have you ever noticed your computer, tablet or phone tends to load much quicker during the day (when you have the house to yourself) than it does at night when everyone is home? For every device connected to your home network your internet speed is going to slow. That’s why families tend to experience more internet lag at night, when everyone’s phones, tablets and PCs are all battling for data from one single connection.

It isn’t just the laptops and phones affecting your download speeds. Stop for a moment and think about all of the devices connected to your network. Laptops and desktop PCs are the obvious ones, but don’t forget to add tablets and smartphones to the list. What about the 65 inch smart TV in the living room? Or the smaller TVs in the bedrooms? Game consoles? Smart watches? And those Sonos speakers? All of these devices go on the list and shrink your download speed.

Over the past couple of years, technology has given us wireless home control devices. Maybe you have a Google Home device or you constantly chat with Amazon Echo’s Alexa, happy to have her do your bidding. Guess what all of these home control centers have in common? They all use data, so add them to list of ‘data suckers’.

Modern homes have gadgets connected to your network that we couldn’t have dreamt of just five years ago. The wireless baby video monitor you use to keep an eye on Junior–add it to the list. You can sleep easy, even when you’re not home, knowing you have a state-of-the-art security system complete with video surveillance of your entire property. The entire system is connected to your network around the clock. Even the smart bulbs you use to control the lighting in your house are controlled via your internet connection.

Oh, and when your friends and family come over, all of their devices probably automatically connect to your network, too via the wifi.

Chances are, your list is longer than you expected . All of these devices can potentially be battling for data at the same time, which can really bog-down your internet connection. When the internet slows down, the squabbling starts and family members start debating on who’s homework project, music download, game or movie is the most expendable.

A fiber internet connection can help eliminate bickering and potentially save families the world over. Phynx Fiber Internet offers connection speeds of 1 gigabyte per second, meaning no matter how many devices are on your network at once, they’re all going to operate smoothly and lag-free. Households are only going to become more connected to the World Wide Web, so if you’re looking to truly streamline your home into a high functioning cyber juggernaut, a fiber internet connection is the only way to get it done. Sign up today for the fastest network and Wifi in Mexico, Moberly, Montgomery, and Centralia.

We’re rolling out our high speed network based on demand, so let us know you’re interested in getting fiber internet!



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