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Getting Gigabit to Mexico: Your Questions Answered

Phynx Fiber Internet in Mexico, Missouri

Phynx Fiber is much more than an Internet service provider in mid-Missouri. We’re your neighbors, dedicated to providing fast, high-speed Internet to the communities we serve. We’ve recently received some common questions from our customers which we wanted to address in order to clarify our mission.

Getting Gigabit Fiber Internet to Mexico, MO

Why did you choose Mexico, Missouri?

We chose Mexico, Mo as our first service site because this is home to us; most of our staff lives in or around town.

We also needed to build service in a town large enough to support a fiber optic network funded by a private company, which meant we had to focus on two critical factors: Population density and the number of homes and businesses. Building fiber infrastructure around a population with a low density would raise construction costs by requiring significantly more cable necessary between each house. We also need a certain number of homes in a town as a baseline to justify building the network core. Regardless of a town’s size we have a similar investment in the center of our network (e.g. buildings, fiber aggregation equipment, backhaul fiber or services). These factors guide our decision to help us determine the Mid-Missouri towns we are and are not able to build out to.

Will you build outside of the city limits?

Our goal is to provide service to as many people as our resources allow. Mexico, Mo has approximately 439 houses per square mile, compared to all of Audrain county with only 16 houses per square mile, meaning for every one house in the country we could serve 50 homes in town. Before we make the decision to grow outside of the city limits we must evaluate the community’s ability to support fiber Internet.

What can we expect from Phynx Fiber by the end of this year?

Right now our goal is to get as many people – and, by extension, fiberhoods – as we can signed up with Phynx Fiber this year. In only 6 months we went from the first shovel hitting the dirt to having gigabit internet services to homes in Mexico! Now we want to get your fiberhood online as quickly as possible, providing fast Internet service to as many residents as we can!

What can we expect next year?

Our primary focus will continue to be on saturating Mexico with first-class, gigabit fiber Internet by growing our network infrastructure and signing up new residents!

We’re looking at expanding into other communities within Mid-Missouri as well, so you may even see additional activity in a nearby town!



How do you see the company evolving over the next few years?

Since inception, Phynx Fiber’s goal has been to maintain a high-level of customer satisfaction through our service quality. We separate ourselves from stereotypical Internet companies by striving for superior customer service and keeping our customers happy.

We would also love to see demand for higher service tiers. In some regions of the United States, service plans as fast ast 10 Gbps are becoming available to residents! We’re looking forward to any opportunity allowing us to make our fast Internet even faster for you.

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