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Gigabit Fiber Internet Has Arrived in Mexico, MO

Gigabit fiber Internet has arrived in Mexico, MO

New Internet Speeds In Mexico, MO

A recent Internet speed test performed by one of our customers

Thanks to their hard work while campaigning for their Fiberhood, the residents of A1 officially have gigabit fiber Internet – and the performance is everything they have asked for.

Getting gigabit Internet in Missouri may not be difficult if you live in a sprawling suburb around Kansas City or St. Louis, however we recognized the need for quality and fast Internet service around Mid-MO and wanted to bring it to Mexico first. Not only has fiber Internet arrived, but it has officially been installed in several homes within the area and has been operating through the weekend.

Who’s next? Fiberhoods A3 and B8 are open for signups!

Fiber Internet will soon be available in southwest Mexico in Fiberhood A3 (off of Osage Road) and northwest Mexico in Fiberhood B8 (between Kent Road and North Kentucky Street). Welcome to our growing number of Fiberhoods!

Fiberhoods A3 and B8 are open for signups!
Don’t feel disappointed if we didn’t announce your neighborhood; share the anticipation with your neighbors to have them show their interest in getting fiber.
Get Mexico Fiber

What comes next for your fiberhood?

If you live in this area, you’ll need to sign up for fiber internet on the Get Mexico Fiber website on the Get Mexico Fiber website. To complete your signup we’ll ask you to verify your address, select a plan and choose the bill pay option that works best for you. Additionally, the $50 commitment fee will be a credited towards your first bill, once fiber has been installed in your home.

Select your speed, not your data limit

Phynx Fiber does not limit or restrict the amount of data you use in your home. Instead we want you to pick the plan of your choice based on transfer speed:

  • Phynx 100: 100 Mbps upload/100 Mbps download
  • Phynx 250: 250 Mbps upload/250 Mbps download
  • Phynx 500: 500 Mbps upload/500 Mbps download
  • Phynx 1000: 1 Gbps upload/1 Gbps download

All of our plans include a free wireless router engineered for high-performance networks. Plus you have the option to add a home phone line at an additional cost.

Coming soon to a Fiberhood near you

Remember, we’ll continue to roll out our high speed network based on demand, which means your neighbors have to prove they want it. Invite others to show their interest and turn their neighborhood into a fiberhood like yours at

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