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How To Get Phynx Fiber Internet

Faster Internet For Your Home

Countless households lack the ability to utilize the full power of the Internet due to slow connection speeds. Imagine an Internet with almost no wait time. At Phynx Fiber, we’re making that a reality with our gigabit fiber Internet.

So, how do you get fiber Internet?

First, we take a city and split it into regions called “fiberhoods”. This is where you come in. We need you to help qualify your fiberhood for it to be available for sign-ups. This is as simple as telling us your name and address! Here’s the catch: one person can’t qualify their entire fiberhood. You have to get your friends, family, and neighbors to help qualify, too!

Once your fiberhood is qualified, it’s time to sign up! From here you can select your plan and secure your spot with a down payment. Don’t forget to keep on spreading

the word! The faster people in your fiberhood sign up the faster we are able to open it up for construction.

Once we have enough people signed up, we will start constructing the fiber network to reach the homes inside your fiberhood.

From here you can schedule your installation. Our guaranteed speed combined with the same fast upload and download rates will make slow video streaming and online gaming lag a thing of the past, regardless of the number of active devices on your network.

Qualifying your fiberhood can benefit your surrounding community, making it available for installation at local institutions such as schools, libraries, and small businesses. Help yourself, help your fiberhood. Let us know you want Phynx Fiber today!

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