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Keep Your TV, Just Switch Your Internet!

Streaming TV from Internet

Finally, gigabit Internet is available in your town! Now you can ditch that pricey, big-box provider to get more reliable, local service. Aaand then you realize we don’t offer a TV subscription…

Keep your TV!

The good news is switching your Internet provider does not need to be an all-or-nothing experience. You can switch only your Internet and still keep your TV subscription (and even phone service) with your current provider!

If you’re like many others who have bundled their Internet, cable and phone services to score a better deal, then we understand you may be concerned about the potential price increase by cancelling only your Internet. On average, we find the cost goes up by about $5 per month – which just so happens to balance the cost of your old monthly Wifi service fee. (Bonus savings: Phynx Fiber won’t charge you a Wifi service fee just to get wireless Internet in your home!)

Don’t forget about Over-The-Top

If you’re down with OTT and VOD content, then our gigabit fiber Internet service is more than capable of streaming all of your favorite shows without the need for an additional cable subscription. Netflix, Hulu, Sling and Playstation Vue are just a few examples of cable-free services available to help you get your fix of shows whenever and wherever you feel like watching them.

Even though binge watching shows on your tablet from bed is indeed comfortable, there are a variety of solutions available so you can connect your television to one of these streaming services. You may already own a SmartTV, which comes with these applications pre-installed or offers the option to download and enable new applications. Roku, AppleTV, Amazon’s Fire Stick and Chromecast are several hardware solutions you connect to your TV to get access. In addition, modern gaming consoles such as Xbox and Playstation have evolved into multimedia platforms and connect you to hundreds of online services – plus you can play video games.

Keep your TV, just switch to Phynx Fiber Internet!

Stay tuned for local news and weather

The fear of missing out on local channels by getting rid of your cable is another common concern. Most VOD services understand this has become an important issue to their customers and they’re now providing access to local networks. Hulu with Live TV lets you watch live sports, news and entertainment, while Sling currently offers FOX Sports Midwest, FOX On-Demand and NBC On-Demand to Mexico residents.

You may also be able to receive over-the-air broadcasts depending on your location. If you’re not keeping cable, then we highly recommend purchasing a good, over-the-air antenna to pick up the major networks in HD, for free. (Pro tip: keep your antenna away from other wireless gear, such as your router, so the signal doesn’t receive too much interference.)

Just switch your Internet

Here’s what we recommend once you’re ready to make the switch: First, check Phynx Fiber’s availability in your area. If you look at our neighborhood progress map and see your fiberhood still needs more sign ups to move to the next phase, then we suggest talking to your neighbors to get them interested as well. Our fiber infrastructure is brand-new to the area so we’re building service connections on-demand by interest. Once the minimum number of people sign up in your fiberhood, we’ll move onto construction!

But when should you make the switch? Most providers will require you contact them directly to remove a service from your account which you should be able to do in-person, via online chat or calling them directly. Several of our customers have even called to cancel their old service while our technician was installing Phynx Fiber!

“Called Charter to cancel while Josh was installing yesterday, haha. He gave a very half-hearted effort, lol. Didn’t even offer much of a price
break or anything.” – Former Charter customer

If you’re still feeling hesitant about making the switch, remember you can keep your TV subscription with your current provider and just switch your Internet service! Have questions about this process? Contact us directly and let’s see how we can help!

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