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Phynx Fiber Comes to Moberly, MO

When we exclaimed we were excited about everything to come this year, we meant it. We’ve shared exciting announcements on our Facebook page every #fiberhoodfriday for the past few weeks, and this week is no exception!

Today, we’re officially announcing our expansion into Moberly, Missouri to provide gigabit fiber Internet – making it the fastest Internet in town!

Phynx Fiber Comes to Moberly, MO

Getting fiber Internet in Moberly, MO

Map of fiberhoods in Mexico, MOIf you’re familiar with our qualification process, then we want to keep you up-to-date so you know we plan on skipping the “voting” phase (because we already know you’re interested in getting fiber Internet) and are moving straight to allowing residents to sign-up and choose your plan – no down payment required!

Our engineering team is working quickly to finalize our infrastructure blueprints for Moberly as we’re excited to deploy the same build out model we did for Mexico, MO. This model divides neighborhoods into what we call “fiberhoods” in order to group nearby homes based on population density, so residents have an equal chance of getting fiber first based on that fiberhood’s level of interest – which you can indicate to us by signing up. This is one reason we’d like to start collecting your sign-up requests today, then we’ll assign your address to a fiberhood once our plans are finalized!

Additionally, we will be selecting the top three fiberhoods to begin construction on right away, based on popular demand, to expedite the process of getting fiber Internet to your homes!

Are you ready to get the fastest Internet service available in your town?

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Survey says…

We’ll be mailing surveys to Moberly residents (with an accompanying return envelope) so we can get more feedback as we build our fiber network around town. We’ll also offer an online survey option if you’d prefer to save-a-stamp and submit digitally.

All participants who complete the survey in-full will be entered to win our Fiber Feedback Sweepstakes! One lucky winner will get to have their pick between a brand-new 55” 4K television, or $300 in cash!

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