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Missouri’s Fiberhoods Get Phynx Fiber in Moberly, MO

The First Fiberhoods to Get Fiber Optic Internet

Phynx Fiber wanted the community of Moberly, MO to have fiber Internet to help grow your potential for local economic development, especially as the city begins to facilitate more tech startups. Unlike St. Louis and Kansas City, however, Moberly’s information technology infrastructure limited some of this potential, creating an even larger need for gigabit fiber Internet. This is why our engineering team has been working as quickly as possible to set up a local hub, organize each fiberhood, and begin installing the major fiber lines across town.

And yet, you worked just as fast to sign up and share our message – proving fiber was highly desired by residents as much as it was businesses.

These first fiberhoods are key

Announcing the first three fiberhoods to get Fiber to the Home (FTTH) is one of our favorite parts of this process, because we’re just as excited as you are! Plus, this initial build out will grow our network exponentially, to reach more fiberhoods located further North, South, and West.

Without further adieu… Fiberhoods G6, F9, G4 are the three lucky fiberhoods to get fiber first in Moberly!

Fiberhood F9 in Moberly, MO Fiberhood G4 in Moberly, MO Fiberhood G6 in Moberly, MO

Next we connect the dots (aka the fiber)

The next phase includes burying our primary infrastructure, connecting these primary lines to branch into each fiberhood, installing a neighborhood hub, and burying brand-new fiber cable to each home. With the continued warm weather, we expect the construction phase to take up to six weeks to complete, allowing us to begin installing service lines by September!

Don’t stop believing in your fiberhood

This is just the beginning of what’s to come for the remaining fiberhoods! We don’t want anyone to feel left out of the process as we continue moving the fiberhoods from the signup phase to construction and installation. So, to help keep the momentum going, please share our message with your neighbors and help us promote the benefits of fiber Internet.

While we may be an “Internet service provider” our goal is to be as invested in your community as much as the Moberly Mini-Train – except we won’t take you for a ride. You’ll only pay for the cost of the service you subscribe to. No contracts. No data overages. No hidden fees.

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