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We Know You’re Interested in Fiber

Recently, we decided to waive the initial down payment required in the “Sign-Up For Service” phase, reducing your upfront cost to zero and making it even easier to get Phynx Fiber.

Editor’s note: If you already sent us a downpayment and your fiberhood is still in the signup or the construction phase, rest assured this will be discounted off your first bill with us!

We Know You're Interested in Phynx Fiber!

We voted, and the voting phase is out

Last July we made it clear our primary focus would be on saturating Mexico, MO with first-class, gigabit fiber Internet. We had asked you to first qualify your fiberhoods by voting so we could gauge interest and build our infrastructure based on demand, following the idea of “first come, first served.” At this point, we required a certain number of homes in a town as a baseline to justify expanding the network core more rapidly.

After lowering the construction requirement, we have received a lot of positive feedback and more activity, allowing us to hit a certain percentage of active customers in a shorter timespan. Now we’re able to seize this opportunity to drop the voting phase altogether and allow everyone to go directly to signing up!

Everyone can sign-up for fiber Internet, today

As of today, all Mexico residents living in a Phynx fiberhood can sign-up for service without waiting for it to first qualify. This means you can skip the voting step on our website and go straight to verifying your address and choosing your plan!

Sign Up Today

We’d still like your help spreading the word about Phynx Fiber

Moving a fiberhood from the sign-up phase to construction phase will take time as we will still require a minimum number of residents signed up for our fiber Internet service before we can begin construction. This is where we’d appreciate your help in spreading the word, so your neighbors know fiber is coming soon!

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