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What Does Gaming Look Like With Fiber Internet?

If you have a gamer in the family and you’re looking at a new internet provider, chances are you will be met with a wide variety of responses. If you live in an area where download speeds are – at best – just OK, your gamer may shower you with affection and offer to buy you dinner and a movie! However, if you have a fairly quick download speed, at best you may get a slightly raised eyebrow, and at worst you’ll have to dodge flying objects.

Download speed is everything to a true gamer. The formula is quite simple: the faster the speed, the better the gaming experience. It really boils down to lag, or the lack thereof. Lag is the arch enemy of serious gamers. It really doesn’t matter which type of game you’re playing, be it a first person shooter, MMO or RPG, if the game is full of lag and latency interruptions it will make for a very frustrating experience. Phynx Fiber Internet can deliver speeds of 1 gigabyte per second. Meaning gamers can rest easy knowing the helicopters are guaranteed to fly and the monsters are guaranteed to fall lag-free all night long.

Most modern games are multiplayer experiences and the game itself will probably require a cloud based platform like NVIDIA or STEAM. Any time a gaming system is pulling from the cloud the potential for lag is far greater. Using fiber internet can help future-proof your gaming experiences as well, because cloud based gaming isn’t going anywhere.

What about downloading new games or elements? In some cases modern games can require upwards of 30 gigabytes of data traditionally taking a long time to process. Even with average fiber speeds, you can now download 5GB of game data in under 15 minutes. The days of waking up to start your download at 8 a.m., just so you can play the game in the evening are over. Gamers of the world, rejoice!

Overall, fiber internet is more reliable than cable, but what does it all mean to a gamer? Well, it means they won’t have to worry about missing the weekend tournament because of down internet. Their stats will stay safe and they can keep conquering the universe knowing their internet is the fastest and most reliable on the planet.

Gamers have been singing the praises of fiber internet connections for a few years now, but only select neighborhoods were privy to the technology. Phynx Fiber Internet is the fiber provider for Mexico, Mo and now you too can experience the fastest and most reliable service available.

Game on.

We’re rolling out our high speed network based on demand, so let us know you’re interested in getting fiber internet!

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