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Which Trending Apps Are Best Over Wi-Fi?

If you can count the number of apps you have installed on one hand, then this article is not for you. However if you find yourself trying to reallocate storage every so often to install a new application you think sounds exciting, then you’ll definitely be interested in our list of the trending apps best over Wi-Fi.

Why just Wi-Fi? While there are really fast mobile networks available, the same networks simply cannot compete to the speed of fiber Internet with speeds of 1 gigabyte per second. In most cases, apps are going to run much faster and more smoothly over a Wi-Fi connection as opposed to using mobile data. If you’re not concerned about speed, then consider how using Wi-Fi instead of mobile data can be significantly less expensive, especially if you don’t have a plan with unlimited data.

Which Trending Apps Are Best Over Wi-Fi?


In attempt to save mobile data, many people are opting to message friends and family using Whatsapp instead to avoid SMS fees. The application lets you converse one-on-one or via group chats like the traditional text messaging app, however you can also make calls and continue conversations across multiple devices. Best of all: it’s 100% free.

"Hello" from BitmojiBitmoji

I think we can all agree emojis are fun, but Bitmoji allows you to create your own personal emoji to use in various chat apps, including Bitstrips and Snapchat. There are a lot of customization tools that we suggest using this app over Wi-Fi based on the time you’ll spend meticulously bringing your avatar to life!

Pro tip: Using Bitmoji in Snapchat unlocks friendmoji featuring you and your friends!


As a society, we like to take pictures of everything and Instagram is the top app to share those photos. We know not everyone takes macro-shots of their food (or wants to see someone else’s well-plated dinner) which is why we appreciate how the platform has evolved to incorporate Stories, a series of video clips highlighted at the top of your feed. Similar to Snapchat, Instagram recently announced the addition of face filters to augment your selfie, reverse video using Rewind, add hashtag stickers to live video and use an eraser brush to further stylize your life.

YouTube Kids

If you’re a parent to a small child then you’re probably all too familiar with attempting to go out to eat as a family and, at some point, digging for your phone so they can watch Peppa Pig on YouTube while you enjoy your meal. YouTube Kids provides the same video content YouTube offers plus additional options to allow parents to set timers, passcodes and video filters. However, watching a couple of episodes can quickly add up and get expensive if all you have is your data plan, so any opportunity to use Wi-Fi instead is an opportunity to save.

Google Play Music

While it’s probably not a surprise music represents one of the most frequently shared, downloaded and streamed mediums on the Internet, it may surprise you to learn Google Play Music is one of the most popular music apps on the market. With a database of 35 million song titles and the ability to upload your own MP3 files to the software, many consider it to be a win over Apple Music. Like video, music files and streaming channels use up a lot of data, so a quick Wi-Fi network will make sure you don’t buffer in the middle of your sweet rendition of Shape of You.


The popularity of podcasts continues to grow to help fill the need for those of us craving something more thought-provoking than our favorite album. Pocketcast is one of the few apps available for both iOS and Android and offers a variety of features, including: variable playback so you can rewind or skip ahead throughout the interview, automatic downloads of new episodes from your favorites, build customized playlists, and the app even lets users control their experience through many of today’s wearables.

While these apps don’t have to be used over Wi-Fi, it’s nice to have options available to help speed things up and reduce costs, especially if you’re using them in the comfort of your crazy-fast, fiber-enabled home. With high speed fiber Internet, you’ll never have to worry about latency interruptions when using your mobile apps so everyone can message, post, watch videos, stream music, movies, games, etc. on every conceivable device without robbing data from one another!

We’re rolling out our high speed network based on demand, so let us know your neighborhood wants fiber internet!

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