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Why You Need (Yes, Need) Fiber Internet

Simply put, fiber internet provides a substantial increase in the speed and performance of your online experience–up to 10 times faster than the fastest cable providers. Plus, switching to fiber internet will let you connect a large number of devices to your network while virtually eliminating any interruption to your data stream.

We understand cost is perhaps the most important element when considering a switch from any internet provider. In the case of fiber internet, “cost” is a two-sided coin. While traditionally there is a cost in switching from cable to fiber, Phynx Fiber has tried to minimize this with zero construction fees, applying your $50 commitment fee to your first bill, and we’ll provide the router! Aside from the dollars-and-cents of it all, there are also cost savings by going with a service capable of download speeds of 1 gigabyte per second.

Not everyone runs a business out of their home, but if you do, switching to a fiber internet provider, like Phynx Fiber, can net some really considerable savings over time. Faster, more reliable internet means you can get more done, with fewer interruptions. Resulting in an increase in productivity amounting to some big dollar signs. Some home businesses report gaining as much as a week’s worth of productivity in a year simply by making the switch to fiber internet.

Another way switching to fiber could help you save is maintenance. Compared to cable fiber optics can carry data over larger distances and is less susceptible to electromagnetic interference. Plus, our fiber lines will be buried underground to protect our infrastructure from storm damage. Traditional, above-ground cable can’t take as much abuse! No more paying technicians to constantly make service calls for repairs. While most providers wouldn’t charge a customer directly for a service call, the costs are usually absorbed via increasing annual rates. Fortunately, we’re able to pass the labor savings directly onto our customers.

There’s no guarantee a fiber provider is going to be cheaper than a cable provider, but it’s important to consider what that extra initial cost is getting you. In addition to insane speeds, we want your experience with our customer service to be better than any cable provider you might have worked with in the past. If there is an issue of some kind, wouldn’t it be nice to have a technician show up on the same day, and actually get there when they say they will?

You know fiber internet provides some of the most flawless streaming video capabilities available. Combined with the multitude of streaming video services like Netflix, Hulu and Sling TV, you’re saving a ton of money by severing your cable and “bundle” contracts.

All in all, with Phynx Fiber you’ll never be interrupted during a video conference with a client, wait on a service technician or miss the season finale of This is Us.

We’re rolling out our high speed network based on demand, so let us know you’re interested in getting fiber internet!

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