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Phynx Fiber’s Year in Review 2017

We officially launched our business and the Get Mexico Fiber campaign in January 2017 – just one year ago! Over the past 365 days we broke ground in Mexico, MO, buried 20.17 miles of fiber optic cable, connected 705 homes to the only fiber internet service available in town, plus we’ve had the pleasure of meeting Mexico’s amazing residents and business owners.

Phynx Fiber’s Year in Review 2017

How Phynx Fiber compares to the competition

Our mission with Phynx Fiber is to create a connected home by providing gigabit Internet to improve how you work and play. We knew we’d be going up against regional and national competition when we started, but we also knew we’d be providing an unmatched service many of you were wanting: fiber internet. Families want to facilitate everyone in the home being online at the same time after work through the week, gamers want to play online without experiencing terrible lag costing them their place on the server, while others simply want to know they could binge watch their Stranger Things at any time without interruption.

These companies we’re competing against all claim to be “the best internet service provider” and boast they have “the most reliable internet service” in town. (Wait, isn’t that what we’re doing?) But, after several of their widespread outages through the year, we understood the necessity for providing truly reliable, high-speed internet. We asked you to call, text or send us a Facebook message to request service – whichever was more convenient, and all of which we were happy to facilitate!

As with every tech company, the proof is in the data. Here’s how Phynx Fiber stacked up against another particular provider this past year:

Phynx Fiber InternetCharter Spectrum Internet
Internet Outages06
Homes with fiber available7050
Price increases01
Wi-Fi service fee$0$5.00/month
Service installation fee$0$49.99

Our favorites from 2017

The team at Phynx Fiber didn't want to miss Mexico's eclipse festival!One of the best moments from 2017 was crossing Kansas City Southern and Norfolk Southern railroads in September, which had initially caused a few delays. But, once we crossed the tracks we were able to begin providing service to residents in Northern Mexico!

However, our favorite memories are from new customers telling us how happy they are with their service! Your satisfaction is extremely important which is why we strive to go above-and-beyond with our customer service. We should be thanking you for your kind words!

“Everything is as-advertised. Thank you… just came from cancelling Charter.” – Former Charter Internet customer #1

“Thanks for hooking us up early! Cancelled Charter. They are offering to speed [up] and price match you. But, that’s a lie because they have crap service and their upload speed still isn’t 100%.” – Former Charter Internet customer #2

What we’re excited about in 2018

We’re truly looking forward to adding more people to the Phynx family for years to come. It’s a real joy working with our customers who feel pumped about having faster internet installed. They’re pleasantly surprised by how easy it is to get in touch with a person over here, and how easy it is to talk to the same person they spoke with last time. (No robots or chatbots here!)

We know many of you are looking forward to us opening new Fiberhoods for signups and starting construction to bring fiber to your home. We’re just as anxious as you are to get digging, so please check our neighborhood progress map and help us spread the word for people to vote for their Fiberhood!

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