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Is Phynx Fiber Your Only Hope for Quality Internet?

We know you’re interested in fiber and getting new, quality Internet setup as soon as possible… or at least before Charter’s next outage. We hear you! Your excitement echoes throughout our offices as we receive positive feedback from our customers, continue construction in Mexico, and expand into Moberly. Here’s what you can expect over the next couple of months:

Mexico is on the move

Now that spring has sprung and the weather is consistent (e.g. no more weekend snow showers) our crews are in the process of connecting homes to their new Phynx Fiber Internet service daily.

  • A9 – Construction has started on Dogwood Street and we are working our way south.
  • B9 – All fiber has been buried underground and we are currently splicing the cabinet and pedestals. Installs should begin the week of May 14!
  • B10 – Construction has completed and we’re actively installing service.
  • D7 – Construction is still underway. The cabinet is in place, now we’re just a few weeks away from splicing. (And similar to B9, after splicing comes installation!)

And Moberly is picking up momentum

Phynx Fiber is in the engineering phase of building out Moberly’s brand-new fiber infrastructure. This means we’re drawing up plans for every bit of fiber which will be buried across town. Once our engineers have completed this inistal work, we will break the town up in to fiberhoods – just as we did with Mexico, MO. As of right now, you can expect to see the fiberhood map before the end of the month! After this phase, you can expect two things to start happening:

One: We will start the initial construction phase. We will first build an office to serve as our central network location from which all of our fiber will run through. We’ll also start burying fiber in the ground throughout town!

Two: We will assign every address in town to a different fiberhood. If you’ve already registered your name and address on our website then we will contact you via email to let you know which fiberhood you’ve been assigned to. Any new registrations will automatically be linked to their corresponding fiberhood. It is very important to signup for service during this phase because the fiberhoods with the most interest will be built first! We’ll include a map of all Moberly fiberhoods on our website as well so you’ll be able to track progress.

As fiberhoods meet their signup requirements and construction is completed, we’ll start lighting up services to all of the homes in those areas so you can start enjoying fast, reliable Internet service from you home.

You're my only hope... for quality Internet

But when will my fiberhood move to construction?

If you’re curious to know exactly when you’ll be getting Phynx Fiber, check to see how many more signups are required in your town by visiting our service area page, selecting your city, then scroll down to Sign-Up Areas. While you won’t be able to see the names of people who have (or have not) signed up in your area, you can see the percentage fulfilled versus how many more signups are required before we can move on to the next phase.

Now, we definitely don’t want you to stalk your neighbors in order to get them to sign-up, but we do appreciate open communication about our service. If an older neighbor who lives just three houses down doesn’t seem interested because they don’t think they need gigabit fiber Internet, let them know there are other speeds available for less than they’re paying now – and we’ll provide more reliable service. Or if they’re still stuck on their cable subscription, suggest they keep their cable and just switch their Internet!

Our signup process is easier than using The Force

Once you add “sign up for service with Phynx Fiber Internet” to your to-do list, don’t procrastinate the process assuming you’ll need to set aside a block of time over the weekend. In fact, our sign up process is so quick it only takes about 90 seconds to complete online! Plus, we don’t require a deposit upfront… nor do we have a contract you’ll have to commit to!

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