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Speed into St. Patrick’s Day with Phynx Fiber High Speed Internet

St Patrick’s Day certainly changes quite a bit once you become an adult, get a full-time job and have children. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t still get into the St Patrick’s Day spirit! (Maybe just not the way you did back when you were in college.) There are a lot of different ways to keep the celebration going while staying connected.

Kids of course love crafts, but we understand it becomes tedious trying to come up with new ideas year-after-year, which is why we love Pinterest. From creating a leprechaun mask out of a paper plate and construction paper, or using sliced green peppers to stamp four leaf clover patterns on canvas, it’s completely possible to add a bit of creative flair to your family-friendly St Paddy’s Day.

After you’ve completed your crafting (aka when you’re ready for a break) you can watch a St Patricks Day movie from one of the many streaming services available online since you’ve cut the cable. We’ll admit it might be difficult finding one that’s child-appropriate (not Leprechaun!) so be prepared for a lengthy search because this one will have you hogging your internet connection for awhile, slowing it down for everyone in the house. In fact, we’ll even assist with our top three picks: there’s The Secret of Kells on Netflix, Disney’s The Luck of the Irish on Amazon Prime, or a special episode of Doc McStuffins on Hulu.

A fast internet connection will definitely be necessary if you decide to browse your favorite food blogger’s dessert collection for a delicious holiday recipe while they’re enjoying their movie. (It takes a lot of data to scroll through a dozen photos of the dish while reading the author’s well-documented life story before ever getting to the ingredients section.) May we suggest cooking every kid’s favorite treat corned beef and cabbage? Ok maybe not something so savory, but what child would turn down homemade, mint-chip cookies? Or a fresh batch of dark chocolate Guinness cupcakes topped with irish cream frosting – for after the kiddos go to bed of course.

And hopefully, fingers crossed, Snapchat will publish a handful of festive filters you can apply to show just how much fun your family is having.

Phew! Who knew such a simple, Spring holiday would require so much work? Back in college all that was required would be a gaudy shamrock necklace and some green beer, now life has you crafting, cooking and snapping in green!

The responsible version of your celebration could be more enjoyable if you have access to high-speed internet. Phynx Fiber’s gigabit service would let everyone in your home browse, pin, stream and share across every device without interruption, keeping your littles content and you sane. Needless to say, having Phynx Fiber’s gigabit internet service will make you the luckiest adult on St Patrick’s Day.

We’re rolling out our high speed network based on demand. Let us know your neighborhood wants fiber internet!
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